3 Tips To Help You On How To Combine Work and Studies

Striking a balance between studies and work can be a very hectic and daunting task. This is both of these two require utmost commitment and diligence. Besides, studies and parenting students need money to cater for their personal expenses and endeavors. This makes it even difficult to seek study leave since most employers do not pay for study leave.

I remember one of my colleagues when he once said, ‘ooh men, I think I can’t bear this anymore feel it’s becoming too much.’ When I asked him what, he answered. ‘I can’t strike a balance between my studies and working online’. If you are one of such students caught in such a situation, then there is no need to worry at all.

There are several ways and tips that can help you maneuver both of these tasks. Without proper tips and planning, students often find themselves in a very complicated and twisted fate. Sometimes working and at the same time studying creates a myriad of problems. For instance straining too much may lead t poor performance in college and at the workplace. Besides, issues of burnout are always witnessed among those students on work study especially when work and studies are not in equilibrium. Some of the premier tips on How to combine study and work especially on online writing platform for students include but not limited to the following:

Embrace proper time planning and management.

Perhaps when you ask a student to embrace time management they will definitely tell you that’s crap. But it’s not. All you really want to excel in both fields, there is need for you to be extra smart. In this case you need to plan your time well and manage it as much as possible putting into consideration that too much work without play makes Jack a dull boy. This means when planning and managing your time, all your activities should be integrated with rest and some fun activities like play so as to avoid boredom and issues of stress chipping in. When you plan your time, remember to consult your tutors, workmates as well as your boss so that they will understand you.

Delegate some of your assignments and duties.

With internet help is a click away. For instance you need to delegate some of your assignments and duties including college assignment. All you need to do is go to online writing platform such as edusson.com and other paper writing sites and offer them your assignments and they will perhaps help you for a few dollars. Besides, you need to request your employer to relieve you some of your duties. Perhaps, bosses or rather employers are human beings too and they will understand your predicament. By delegating some of your duties and assignments, you will be able to strike a proper balance between work and studies and thus be able to stay on top of things.

Redefine your priorities.

The number one thing that students complain about especially freshmen who want to do everything ranging from working part time, hanging out and at the same time accomplishing studies is striking a balance for all this lots of activities. What most of these freshmen don’t realize is that all these can be done when priorities are set and goals redefined properly. If you want to get yourself out of such overwhelming scenario is to know which priorities comes first. To be safe, you need to integrate work and studies on your priority list then others such as hanging out will follow. These less important activities should be at the bottom line of your priority list and should be given very little time.

Therefore, when all has been said and done, you will be able to balance between coursework and work. All you need to do is to develop an attitude of not giving up, delegating assignments to online writing platform, planning your time and setting priorities. Good luck as you endear to strike a balance between your studies and part time job!

Venny Williams is career development coach and member of Edusson writing platform

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