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Blogging is a challenging art form that is often forgotten in digital marketing strategies, as it is often more challenging to create the perfect art form for this medium. Yet informative blogs are a great source of leads and provides SEO rankings and content to share with your clients. It can be a daunting task, so we have generated a few tips and tricks to help you understand where to start crafting blog posts that capture the attention of the audience you want.

Who is your Audience?

You need to know who your audience is in order to be able to produce the content they want. It is easy to start at the beginning with a brand persona. A brand persona is how you come across to your readers and potential clients. Are you friendly, knowledgeable, witty, or something else? What are your customers expecting from your content, and what are they accustomed to seeing when they travel through your existing online content? Be consistent in your presentation of who you are and what your brand/style is.

Blogs are not about Sales

Blogs can be an unlimited resource for your possible leads, and while your blog lives to inform people about your company and your product, it cannot be used to push sales onto people. By focusing on generating content that supplements value to your company/product, you are helping prospective customers with their issues. Understanding and expressing that you are a valuable resource to them means that you are likely to convert the customer from “potential” to “actual”.

KISS – Keep it simply silly!

Digital content downloaded into your minds with speed and accuracy due to its straightforwardness. Speedy resolutions, short paragraphs means that you can keep a reader’s attention; who have short attention spans. It is important that you the tone of your writing concise and the language simple. Blogs that are ‘easy for power readers to use’ are more likely to be of value to your readers.

Types of Posts  

There are a few ‘go-to’ blog posts that will ensure your readership stays interested. The whole world is raving about the list-based post as they are fast and simple to understand. The ‘how-to’ blog postings share appreciated material with the audience. Blog postings that gather information from multiple sources will also keep audiences involved in your topics.

Call to Action – Have Your Readers DO Something!             

These calls to action point the reader in the direction of what they should do after having read your material. Options range, depending upon what you want your readership to do, from asking them to subscribe, suggest related links, or attach links to include your website. People are drawn into the call to action and it can be a powerful to tool to encourage people to do what you want them to do. 

We are very dedicated to giving our clients with the great content solutions and ideas, providing very high-quality blogs and articles to feature online.

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