3 PROVEN Ways to Get More Traffic

more traffic
Can you guess what’s the currency online? Dollars? More sales? No.

It’s your website traffic.

More traffic = More sales. It’s as simple as that.

But getting more traffic especially from Google is REALLY hard if you don’t know much about SEO. Even an SEO expert can’t tell the exact rules to follow to get massive traffic from Google.

Then, what to do when you are struggling with traffic?

Here are 3 tips for you!

Step 1: Find long tail keywords: Getting traffic to any blog starts with keyword research. By finding and using long tail keywords in your content, you will definitely get more traffic.

Step 2: Attract links: There’s no point of writing more posts when you don’t get any exposure or traffic. Most people make the mistake of writing more content without actually spending time to get backlinks. The #1 fastest way to increase search traffic is to get more links.

Step 3: Blogger outreach: Do interviews with other bloggers. Optimize for the keywords properly. Simply ask other bloggers whether they are interested in doing interview with you. Majority will say yes, then send questions. Publish them on your blog and email them to share your stuff with their followers. You’ll see INSTANT boost in your traffic!

So there you go! If you follow the above 3 steps, within a month, you will be able to double your traffic.

As a quick note, here’s what you can do to get #1 result for ANY keyword you want to rank for.

Let me know what you think.

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