4 ways to provide ideal content to potential clients

4 ways to provide ideal content to potential clients

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Have you noticed Custom Job orders in the marketplace or received a Private Hire on dotWriter.com? Such orders are an indication that the client is looking for specific content and you might just be the right person to complete that job! When a client is as expressive as possible on the content requirements and and takes the time to provide detailed instructions, it helps the writer in a big way in getting the job done. So what should you pay attention to while ensuring you churn out ideal content for clients? Read on:

Topic Title

Buyers usually mention a tentative title for their article, but as a content specialist, you need to optimize the title by incorporating SEO rules for articles, while ensuring the main keywords are in focus.

Article Length

Clients select the length of the article length and you need to write your article accordingly. Professional writers always plan their article before starting work. Quick tip – Break your article up into points and paragraphs and set a limit on the length of each point to ensure you meet the article requirements.

Reference URL

At times, buyers might provide URLs as reference links to help make the job easy. As a content specialist, you need to minimize the use of these links in the content you are writing. Sometimes it seems easier to copy, adjusting words appropriately to avoid plagiarism. But, this will backfire and you will lose your credibility. Instead, go one step ahead and do a little more research on the topic and create an original article written by you, in your signature writing style.


It is always important to give credit to authors where it is due. Across the Internet, it is easy to get information to use in your own article. Since you are a professional, you need to mention these sources – with URLs if possible – at the end of the article.

Whether it’s content writing or any other professional service, providing what your client is looking for is extremely important. Not only will you enhance your own writing skills, but you can be sure that the better your work is, the higher chances of you getting more jobs in the future as well.

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