5 SEO Basics To Get Your Article Right

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5 SEO Basics To Get Your Article RightIf you want your content to matter, then inculcating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques into your writing is extremely important. No longer is mere talent required for writing, you have to mix your interests with business guidelines to make it lucrative. To help you get started, dotWriter.com has listed 5 useful SEO tips while writing articles:


When it comes to SEO, keywords are important. Search engines keep a track of the most popular keywords searched, and it is important for you to include the relevant ones in your content. So, when someone does a search, your work pops up and will be read the most. But don’t stuff your articles with it, use them in moderation.


It would do you good to link the additional resources that give credibility to your article. Linking creates a connection through the web on a topic and is a staple SEO strategy.


It is important to be comprehensive with your articles – the minimum should be 300 words, and you can stretch it to 2,000-3,000 words. Always do a little research while working on a topic so people get value out of reading your work.


Take advantage of headers and sub-headers to divide your article professionally into points. Better yet, involve your keywords with your headers. This makes search engines understand that you are serious about writing on a particular topic and will then rank your work higher in their search results.


Have you taken information from another published source? It is imperative to link back to that source, giving them credit. You wouldn’t like it if you took hours of your time researching content, only to have it be used across the internet without your permission. When you mention the source, it makes you sound more professional and genuine.

Now that you know the SEO basics, implement them into your articles as soon as you can!

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