How to build YouTube AUTHORITY channels

One of the many questions that I’ve received over the years is on how to build an authority channel in YouTube.

Authority channels are not something that I created when I first started out with video marketing because they can take a while to develop before you see success.

But the long term results from a authority channels can be very rewarding if you set them up properly.

So here are some tips on how to create an authority channel…

You can first start out by creating a name which can either be your name, a pen name, or a general keyword name around your niche.

Then find keywords around the niche of your authority channel and create 1 video for each keyword that you find.

For example, if you were to want to create an authority channel on Yoga then you could either name your account with your name or pen name, or you could have something like “Yoga For Optimal Health” as your account name.

Then if were to find keywords like “Yoga for abs” or “best Yoga for seniors” then you can create videos around these keywords and build your authority channel.

Warning: This Next Step May Be A Little Advanced…

An additional step to this method would be to either create a short eBook, or buy a PLR eBook on Yoga postures and give this away to your viewers in exchange for their email address.

You would need an email opt-in service to collect their email address and give them their free report.

This way you can build an email list around your niche that you can use to promote multiple products rather then using the redirect method.

There would be more work involved with this but it could pay off better in the long run.

If you haven’t made your first dollar with video marketing or would like to reach a higher income level before branching out into long term projects I would suggest holding off on this for now and use the methods to generate quick commissions from simple videos.

Then after you get the hang of the process you may want to consider building out your video marketing brand in the future.

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