Create Content That Attracts Readers

As a writer, you want to make sure that you have clients who continue purchasing your articles on Marketplace like Merely writing for dollars can take you so far, but being able to create content that is evergreen, while attracting readers is what will make this business lucrative for you. The art is in identifying your target audience and delivering the right content to them.


Whatever topic you select, always be specific. General information can be taken from resource websites that are a dime a dozen. Whether it is a technical, medical or healthcare and fitness genre, always do a little research and go that extra mile to provide some rare information. This will make your work a lot more professional and genuine.

Interaction through words:

Question: Why do some readers always go back to the that one particular website?
Answer: The writers on these websites put out interesting articles that are informative, engaging and relevant.
When you write choppy sentences, it might appear that you copied it from another source or are attempting to hide plagiarized content. Your work needs to be conversational, that means you need to make your sentences flow smoothly.

Professional formatting:

This is extremely important and takes your article from being a piece of work, to becoming a professionally written masterpiece. Divide your article into paragraphs – point by point – add sub-headers and link your work, if possible. Not only should words convey a message, but the entire article needs to look aesthetically appealing.

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