The Key lies in Keywords

The Key lies in Keywords

As a professional content writer, you need to direct targeted traffic to your website. Search engines have “keywords”, which are essentially words or phrases that are relevant to the content of your topic and are terms that users type in while searching for articles. When you write an article for the Marketplace,‘s in-built system picks keywords for you, though you need to introduce them within your text so your article is still of value once purchased and published on another website. Here are some key points when picking keywords for your content:

    1. Positioning of Keywords

When keywords are repeated in an article, search engine crawlers can understand the relevance to the article. In order for them to be picked up correctly, you should include your main keywords in the title, article summary, sub-header and within the article.

    1. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Use keywords that flow smoothly within a sentence. If you try to stuff your article with the keyword too many times, keep in mind, this is an unfair practice. Frame your sentences accordingly and keep it simple and readable.

    1. Keyword Tools

There are free keyword tools available online to search for appropriate keywords. How are these determined? Every time someone searches online, search engines store the information and create a list of the most popular searched terms. Based on this list, you can pick the ones you are going to sew into your article.

    1. Simple Keywords

Search engines also scan readability levels, so keep your sentences short and precise. Choose keywords that are relevant and write it in plain language – the internationally accepted version of English, and not regional words and terms.

By including proper keywords into your articles, you can greatly increase the value of your content as this is part of a good SEO strategy. When a client wants to purchase an article on, a search is made through the category list or article search box. For your article to be spotted in the Marketplace or anywhere on the web, make sure you insert keywords that will push your article into the limelight.

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