On-Page SEO: A Definitive Guide

On Page SEO
In SEO world, all the things are starting with on-page SEO. If your individual page is not properly optimized for search engine, then it is an absolute path for lower ranking or sometimes no ranking. And it will hurt your all effort to build-up your precious website.

This guide will not be a very lengthy explanation about everything you have to do for optimizing your page. It will be a handy guide or checklist for on-page optimization.

Then let’s start.

On-Page SEO:

Title optimization:

At first you should optimize your page’s title.
What do we need for optimization?

  • It should contain your main keyword.
  • Your title should not have more the 80 character long (with space).
  • The title should start with the main keyword. Sometimes it will be hard to place the keyword at the beginning, but you have to be creative to come up with a clever way to set the keyword at the beginning. But remember if it makes no sense or seems weird the you should not put the keyword at the beginning. Set it as a natural flow.
  • URL optimization:

    the second most important task for you to optimize your URL slug. Like the title, it must contain your main keyword and beginning is always preferable. Another good practice is to use a dash in between each word in the URL slug. Please do not use underscore.

    Article body optimization:

  • You should use your primary keyword within the first paragraph and more precisely before the end of first 200 words. Similarly, it should appear in the last paragraph. But remember you should not overuse your keyword in any article. It will affect negatively towards your website. You should consider a thumb rule for using of your KW, and that is your KW should not be used more than 1.5% in your article.
  • Secondly, you should use your keyword in at least one “h2” tag.
  • Image optimization:

    Use a relative image in your article. Optimize your image by adding an “alt” tag (which will be your primary KW) and “height” and “weight” tag.


    Add few mate data through Youst plug-ins. In Youst, you can modify the title for search appearance. It should be within 40-50 characters. You should add your primary Keyword to see their percentage level. Also, add a 150-word description for your article. Remember these data will show on the search page, so they should be appealing to the visitors.

    Your turn

    That’s it. You optimize your page perfectly.

    Follow these simple rules and you will get an on-page optimized article.

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