Suggested Search Terms – How to Increase It During Google Search

You’ve probably noticed when you start typing in a search to Google you get suggested search terms…

These suggestions are based largely on the number of searches people make on Google which makes a Google search a useful tool for finding search terms.

Usually when you type in any word or phrase you get 4 suggestions of other keyword phrases.

But I’m going to reveal a way to tweak your Google search so you get 10 search term suggestions.

First go to Google and go to “settings” then “search settings”…

Edit Google Settings

Now this is the part that might seem a bit strange.

Change the settings under “Google Instant Predictions” to “Never show Instant results”…

Change Google Settings

Once you’ve done that instead of 4 keyword suggestions you’ll get 10 whenever you type a keyword or a keyword phrase into Google.

P.S.– Often you can pick up longer tail search terms using this method by entering a shorter tail search term then typing in another space after it.

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