The NEW way to CRUSH it with Facebook Ads

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facebook ads
It’s no secret the new method for crushing it with Facebook
ads is using the Video ad format ..
First, creating videos that convert is much easier than you realize ..

.. think about this. When you are scrolling through your newsfeed
what videos do you like watching the most?
In most cases you are looking for funny real videos posted
by friends and family, and not a professionally polished
commercial style video …

So here are the 3 most important parts of a facebook video:

Part 1 – Use captions in the first 10 seconds of your video
When people first scroll down their newsfeed and see videos,
they will auto-play with no sound turned on.

And facebook has a built-in “video captions” feature that allows
you to manually add your own captions overtop your video!
Use the captions in your video to highlight the most important
points, or give your viewers a call-to-action .. for example:
“Click here to hear important message”
“Click here to learn more about _______”

Part 2 – Educate and demonstrate in the main part
The more you can educate and demonstrate in your video,
the more people will trust you and as a result continue to
watch your video .. and ultimately share you video.

The more sharing you get, the more free video impressions you get,
and then Facebook will reward you with cheaper views, cheaper
clicks, and more impressions .. which leads to higher ROI

Part 3 – Call-to-action CTA
In the first part of your video, make sure to display a soft CTA,
and near the end of your video display a strong CTA.
For example ..

Soft CTA: “In my free training, get 5 powerful techniques for
increasing your Facebook ads CTR by clicking the button
on or below the video, or the link in the post”

Strong CTA: “Get started now and click the button for instant access”
A Must-Use Strategy – Use super “targeted” audiences

Now, when you post your video ad, it’s important to make sure your
video gets out to the exact people that will take action ..

here is how:
A VERY powerful way to increase conversions to your Facebook video
ads is to create custom audiences that have already seen your ads,
and then create new ads specifically for those “retargeted” audiences.

Unfortunately, when building retargeted audiences, there are many
people that spend less than 5 seconds on your landing page, or worse yet,
simply bounce right off.

Which means you are spending way too much money and losing out on
higher conversions from those wasted clicks.

One way to “fix” this problem, is to only build retargeted audiences of those
who have spent more time on your landing page or better yet, viewed your
video ad more than 5 seconds!

This type of thing is very new, and luckily there are some cool
new products being released that help you build these exact type
of audiences.

One I absolutely love and I recently recommending is called, Sprout Audience ..

See Sprout Audience here

Sprout Audience bridges the gap between FB ads, video and retargeting,
helping you drill down to 100% of the targeted traffic that actually converts!
Basically, it creates ultra-targeted audiences based on real user behavior,
meaning, you’re only marketing to people that have expressed a certain level of interest in your ads.
Watch the demo video to see how it works
( demo video located half-way down the page )

Hope that helps and go out and start crushing Facebook video ads!

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