Top 5 Online Learning Trends For 2016

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Being aware of the latest technologies available for online learning can help you stay ahead in the industry. It is important that you are up to date with the trends in elearning if you want your online course to stay relevant to your target learners. Here are some of the top trends to watch out for in online learning this 2016:

Automated eLearning Authoring Tools

While there are already a lot of elearning authoring tools which offer templates and themes that make it easier for online educators to create online courses, automation is a whole new concept in the realm of online learning. With automation, creating online courses can now be done in less time and a much lesser cost. Games and online learning assessment can not be made with minimal effort, and customization of the course is made possible through the automatic detection of the learners’ preferences.

Wearable Technology

The latest wearable tech devices, such as Google Glass and the Apple Watch, are the hottest trends in the tech world and they are giving online learners a new way of interacting with the subject matter in a more dynamic way. These wearables make online learning more accessible to the students, making it even more convenient to study for those who are always on the go.

Big Data

Big data will be playing a major role in online learning this 2016, enabling developers to enhance online courses, customizing activities as they acquire valuable insights as to the learning behaviors and preferences of online learners. Big data analytics tools built into Learning Management System or LMS deliver concrete statistics that allow educators to further develop their online learning course and ensure that every aspect of the course is aligned with their goals and objectives.

Responsive LMS

Responsive design courses are available on various platforms and devices. Basically, the LMS or authoring tool automatically adjusts the elements of your online course so that learners are able to get the same experience and functions from your online course regardless where they access it, whether on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. When choosing a responsive LMS, it is best to get one with a built-in previewer and customization tool, so you are able to get a glimpse of your online course on different screens and manually adjust the elements to improve the appearance and navigation of your course.

The Cloud

While data security used to be an issue with cloud-based platforms, recent advancements in data encryption have shown to guarantee the safety of sensitive data on the cloud. This has led to a steady growth in popularity of cloud-based online courses, especially in the corporate world, where employees are provided with online training courses in lieu of traditional training seminars as more and more companies recognize the cost efficiency and accessibility of online courses.

If you have not yet started integrating some of these innovations into your online course, it might be a good idea to do so this year. Staying up to date with the latest trends not only makes your online course competitive, it also makes it more convenient for you to analyze your learners behavior and customize your elearning course to become more relevant to your target audience.

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