Unconventional Ways To Bring Traffic To A Website

Unconventional Ways To Bring Traffic To A Website

For businesses today having a website is not a luxury like it was in the past, in the digital age a website is a basic necessity for business survival. Websites have become the main marketing strategy for most types of business, that’s how important a website has become for the business world today. Many companies are even using their websites and other e-commerce platforms to sell products online,

e-commerce is their primary business model.

So the need to drive more traffic to a site has become ever more important, a strong online presence is the ultimate way that businesses can conduct their day to day marketing and run the business. The question that troubles most entrepreneurs is just how they can drive maximum traffic to their site so as to enjoy the benefits.

Social Media Re-Marketing

Technology is rapidly taking over the world, one thing that has to be agreed upon is that businesses are fools if they don’t embrace technology. Social media is just one of the ways that the world is growing today and businesses should look to explore this field. By re-marketing products on social media an entrepreneur is likely to get drive traffic to their site. This is because instead of waiting for a user to search for the site or keywords the entrepreneur can use social media to get to the viewer. This will target buyers who are interested and will also make sure that the information gets in front of as many eyes as possible.

The social media account must be linked to the site for one to enjoy such advantages, however. At other times the business can just share pages that they want to promote the site on social media, social media platforms can offer a good advertisement for the products.

Stumble Upon

Stumble Upon is a very good site for traffic but it is hard to get conversions from it, a potential customer will just stumble upon the product without ever having the intention of searching for it. The content, however, has to be very engaging and beautiful for it to generate enough of a fuss that a number of people may just stumble upon it while they are going through all the other content on the site. The content has to be entertaining so that it will grab the attention of users who come across it and make them want to spend their time viewing it. The content could be videos, images, tutorials or infographics any type of media that is popular.

Google Voice Search

The in-thing at the moment is voice search. It makes things easier for everyone, no one has to spend time typing what that they want to find anymore. All they have to do is speak into their phone or any other compatible device and the search commences. If the site that the entrepreneur has isn’t mobile responsive, it is time for them to overhaul it and make sure that it is since the Google voice search only works on the mobile devices. Since almost everyone is using their phone to search for things on the internet it is time that every business site becomes mobile responsive or they run the risk of losing the valuable business that mobile search can bring.


The need to have a business website is a fast growing one and as such, all companies need to find ways to make sure that they have enough traffic coming to their sites. The above-mentioned methods are a few unconventional ways that a number of entrepreneurs have been using to drive traffic to their sites for quite some time now. Any business that chooses to use the methods mentioned in this post save themselves a lot of money, they will guarantee that traffic comes, hence the business will also come in and so sales and profit too.

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